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About Me, Boonsong Somjit

Boonsong with Elephant

My name is Boonsong Somjit (Song). I was born in Thailand. I began studying Buddhism and meditation in a Buddhist temple at age 14. In 2004, I moved to California to teach Meditation and Buddhism. Now I am living in Hawaii to grow my spirit and share what I know to others.

Besides doing massage, I enjoy photography and design as you see from this website (thank you to my friend, Garrett Smith who makes this website as i want it to be). Please feel free to see more of my photos at viewbug. I also like gardening and cooking in my free time too.

I have studied Western and Eastern massage styles both in Thailand and in the US. I am still learning this ancient medicine. Our mind and body always have more to learn. Massage, for me, is another way to understand and treat the mind and body.

Especially in our materialistic urban society, we need massage for life.

It feels good to see a smile on someone’s face after they get massage from me. A big smile and the words "I feel better now" from you is my goal. Helping and sharing what I know might be one reason while I love to do massage as healing mind and body. Hope to see you soon.

Customer Reviews

June 1, 2011 Chrissy

After my first visit to Hyde St. Wellness, I decided to make Thai massage with Song a regular in my life, having felt so profoundly affected by his body work. I have never had a more thorough and transformative massage! He is so very happy, gracious, and humbled to be doing his job - it makes a world of difference.

May 31, 2011 G.S.

My massage with Song had just the right amount of pressure and really helped with my lower back and shoulder pain. Plus, the Thai massage room is very relaxing. It is so much more comfortable being on a bed than being on a table with a huge belly, a bunch of pillows, and worrying about falling off! :-) Thank you again!

May 17, 2011 tania e

The place is beautiful and Song gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. Cannot recommend highly enough and I have been having massages for over 35 years.

May 5, 2011 Sandra Barnea

I had the best massage I have ever gotten here - with Song. Very intuitive, alert and aware of what massage techniques I needed. Def will visit again!! My favorite place! The decor is so lovely, not overdone and very, very relaxing! Go here before it gets busy...

May 18, 2011 B.S.

I went in for a massage because I was experiencing quite a bit of pain in my back. I don't normally get massages as a matter of practice, but I thought it might help. Song gave me a Swedish massage and it was fantastic. I feel so much better now! Thanks! I will definitely be back again.

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